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Strong-willed Youth runs 30-plus miles without training! 2012 phenomenon?

Thought i’d include this here, even tho it’s kinda different than what you might expect!

A month or so ago, i was bikin’ to town to get some things done when suddenly i found one of the local youthful dogs (whom i’ve been friendly with, unlike his “owner”) running alongside me. Nice, i told myself, he’ll run about 3 or so miles and then stop. Right?


At about mile 3 i realized that he wasn’t going to stop, so i began stopping at various times making sure he had enough water and got rest at least every 5 miles (especially as his mouth lathered up). I also had to be “on top of” things with him around when I had to ride on a semi-busy roadway..and did my best, to his obvious consternation. Oh well.

Now, something important to understand about me. i don’t like to have control over what dogs do around me (and don’t identify with “owning” animals), especially dog friends. So when this one (who i’ll call “Mick” here) began running some distance with me, and telling it to “stay home” and “go home” didn’t work….well…

Sure, the next time he tried it, i found a way to physically restrain him; but that first time, i was wholly unprepared.

My theory is that the time of the year was coming to when i was going to leave and this dog knew it. ! And he wanted to leave with me. Because staying “home” is, well, not nearly as “fun”. Possible? When i think of the story about the Grizzly who made friends with a kitten (there’s video somewhere on youtube about it–if you find the link, please share!), i realize that this isn’t that far out.

Anyway, this dog, as far as i know it, had never been to a human town before. And when i disappeared into the first building i had to go to well, Mick started running around to the other side! Luckily, some locals had seen him and told me, and i was able to call him back.

Later, going into glass doors, he was able to spot me, and so he stayed nearby (not going out into the busy road)! And he was TOTALLY kewl with other humans, especially in his insistence that he see me.

i had to empathize and wonder about whether the Hopi 2012 phenomenon might apply here (and other similar ideas, say, as Barbara Hand-Clow has shared). As in paradigm shifts and such things.

Anyway, Mick was mostly excellent in listening to my stern commands to stay out of the road (for about 10 miles of the run it was semi-busy). Notably, i’m not a dog “owner” and don’t like to have to give commands to anyone…but, he is like a kid, or an alien being visitor!

Got any similar “pet” stories? Please share! (Recalling one reader’s dog from the 1980s growling and playing with ROCKS!! What a trip that dog was!)


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