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join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)

new visionary comix zine now available: radical’s radical silliness and D’Myst’Fy t.v. with surprise ending!

A new hand-made, self-published radical’s radical comix series shows itself in a new series called “D’Myst’Fy t.v.” via “Pleasure Power Comix”. Here are a few excerpts. See also the art(e) below (in the earlier post), for the first page in the comic. Tho mostly a gay theme this time around, the comic series goes “to the heart” of the routine b.s. found in thought control-oriented societies.

Question: Was zinelibrary.info shut down due to this daring comix story???? Makes you wonder…more likely, “too many” radical voices were beginning to be heard and so the meta game of the internet/trojan horse showed it’s true colors. Yes? Anyone have any proof?

“Hard-hitting, yet humorous and exceedingly unique.”–Harry Plodder, Funky Cole Medina News Service

cover for the new comix zine

Here’s the art from the inside cover. This was originally published for a now defunct independent gay magazine which underwent a coup via a cammoflauged owner buy-out; then, when they owned it, they kicked out all the crucial writers; this artist quit in solidarity. (There are several “spot” type pieces originally from the magazine, with portions of the stories kept in to back-up the assertions made).

If you want to see the whole comic (about 20 pages long, tho may be longer when I go to the printer), leave a message here (most likely that i’ll get it, rather than the uncertainty of email) and i’ll contact you about where to send a nominal donation to help pay for getting this out!


And now, the surprise ending, in roughly-made art form. (The final art will be shared with my comix customers!) …figured i’d pass this around since it’s such an old piece.


Note that this example is much more “cleaned up” in the final art.


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