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art worn during recent interactions

Hopefully you can see two art pieces made on a found, slightly-used dish plate. Unfortunately, I don’t see them on my dashboard, after “inserting them” into my post. Is this what happens when one uses https? Anyone have any clue? (maybe there’s a waiting period??)

i’ll try one more thing….hmm…well, guess i’ll have to let it rest a day or three. Speaking of three days…

This art(e) (which will hopefully soon appear) was worn recently during the last day of a 3-day ride through some interesting places in the mid-western state of which i have been living around for the past summer. Highlights include following through with doing an arte show in a Rez town and actually reaching two (count ’em, TWO!) persons with which my arte is intended to reach! Nature cooperated with me quite well as well, including not scaring me too much during the ride, and only scaring me AFTER i was done (with several storms in a row lastnight, hoooo). Why be afraid? I think as i get older i’m getting more afraid only because i “know too much” about “what can happen”. But i carry on!

Also had a most spiritually uncanny interaction with a human black bear spirit. Yep, human. A real rapscallion of a bear, at that! Tho pint-sized. i was fairly tripped out by such a presence, both chirpily spirit’d and WILD-ly reflective on hiz reality. More shared with friends.

Storms during the ride seemed especially spiritual, since their loud grumbles only happened once in each storm (two or three at most), as if only to make their presence known and see what kind of response they might get from the stranger amongst the usual crowd. Heh.

Greatly enjoyed getting quite lost more than once, too. Once hiking in terrain which wouldn’t ultimately be dangerous, and second, on a back-road which showed me that i have gotten a bit shoddy in my assumed direction skills (i.e. by the sun and shade-directions). Guess one has to keep up at these things to preserve ’em, eh?

Well, let’s see if the arte will show itself…


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