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another image of mine (art)

Hmmm, that appears to have worked, at least for the time being. Let’s see if the following images work as well:

Oops, what happened?

Here’s a site where i apparently got to promote this blog for free to a wider audience; maybe it’ll be good for you too?:

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools


4 Responses to “another image of mine (art)”

  1. Yeah, but i took you off my friends list on facebook because your last post on my wall was just sooo depressing, and i don’t want that kinda thing on my wall.

  2. Yup, no problem.

  3. i thought there would be an image of yours to see… “another image of mine (art)”. but i don’t see one. maybe i just don’t know how to operate your site. love the john trudell videos.

    • Um…hmmm…ah! Glad you posted so recently! Yowzah! You’re lucky t’day, ‘cuz i just happened to have the time to login!!! Hey gAARRRRRL! i’ll call you when i can (still ain’t got no phone even tho a few folx insist on it! Argh!)

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