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Foolish intuitive still at it, despite fears planted Left and Right!

A few weeks ago, this unorthodox visionary fool (must be, since no colonial institutions would mention or back him, right? –And since he *DOESN’T WANT* their mention or backing!), amidst curious fellow settler beliefs and assumptions that he would soon be hospitalized (due to the alleged chaotic war-mind of ‘too many’ angry indigenous folks), went into his fear once again, and found surprising results, from human to ghostly, to natural so-called “coincidence”! He followed through, at the end of a solo bike ride from Tennessee (about 20 days of riding), with an ART SHO on the border of an indigenous human beings’ rez (or reservation). And he stayed overnight, too!

“When I stayed overnight I hardly got any sleep, so expecting I was of either some drinkers or offish’ls to show up. I kept my shoes and clothes on even because I was SURE that the cops, at the very least, would show up and mess with me.” Like he was so used to in the cities of the u.s.a. “I was amazed that none did, as so many usually want to at least run my ID through their machinery.” Someone shined their light on his tent late that night, but no radio sounds were heard (which often mean some kind of offish’l). Early the next morning, tho, two lanky young men in tribal-style t-shirts stopped and were talking with each other and our nut got up and poked his head out of his tent window. “They had not thought anyone was inside, they told me, and I wished I had responded humorously with something like ‘No one here except the GHOST OF THIS TENT!'”

These lanky youths told our nutty visionary that they weren’t surprised that no cops showed up, allaying to him being a white man. “They didn’t say it, but i felt it. Still, i would have thought that the rez cops would have shown up. Had i stayed the second night, as i wanted to, maybe they would have.”

(above should show a picture of the latter place our nut set up his ‘art sho’; notably, he didn’t put up the tent until closer to nightfall, “in case someone invited me to camp at their place or the cops kicked me out.”)

NOTE: don’t know why this photo isn’t showing up. Anyone have any advice? (same with next blank one)

Sustaining challenge while feeling isolated
Despite a history of feeling (and apparently being formally) atomized, “both by orthodox-style political organizers AND apparent offish’l covert action by the political police”, due to his sustained efforts at taking what he has of life experience –as well as wide, independent self-taught education– and going public, in various ways, to “help demystify reality for and with his fellow intuitives” –our visionary sustains a singular kind of social challenge which just isn’t done by most creatives, it would seem.

Commenting on this, our visionary nut said:
Most creative people are quite deeply corralled within what passes as ‘The Norm’ of ‘How to Be An Artist’ and so on and so forth. They either rebel, in a kind of microcosmic form to colonial-dominated Leftist –or Rightist–politics –seeking resolution from authority, or they merely mumble and make art that remains well within the colonial corrall. I myself experienced it back at my extremely naive age of 18-20 with a bunch of fellow artists who were being treated really rudely by a teacher. They all sounded like they wanted to do something, but when I stood up alone, they all abandoned me and I experienced some pretty heavy repercussions from the staff, including warning that I could get kicked out of the art school I believed I needed to attend.”

For this kind of stand, our nut has experienced similar increased pressures to conform, not at all unlike other dissenters in her- and history.

“Most interestingly, I’ve tested and found out that some of my publicly used email addresses have been curiously blocked so that only those emailers who were in a place where they couldn’t help but to –something like sap at my resources– were getting through. While others, I intuited, and have more recently learned with evidence, were blocked! And if they’re trying to silence me, then I KNOW i’m doing something crucial!”

So, with some evidence, this challenger of colonialism at home, proves to be more than merely “a nut” without alleged value for sanity. Formal forces ARE seeking to keep him feeling atomized and alone, just as they have done systematically in her- and history, if you read about the f.b.i.’s illegal COINTEL Program and related realities. And now, under “homeland security”, are apparently legal, whatever that means. The tactic is to isolate folks labeled “radical”, while trying to persuade “the more realistic-leaning” to accept and conform to the dumbed-down game playing of so-called reformers and the shell games that are the routine.

“Oh, i’m still a nut! i’m quite BATTY! How could one NOT be in the context of psychological warfare NORMALIZED in everyday life? From media filled to the brim with “news” out of context and giving us the worst sides of we ‘stupid masses’ –as we’re labeled by the machievellian mind-set which owns and runs this society and its media –to every professional NOT being in any kind of human solidarity with their fellow humans; of COURSE i’m crazy!!! And, as Aldous Huxley and Erich Fromm said, to be sane you HAVE to be crazy!”

Crazy, yet still having something crucial (at least once in awhile) to share with other creatives not yet (?) fully beaten down psychologically by the deadening realities of this era.

Take this recent action onto an indigenous reservation border, where both somewhat mundane energies as well as mysterious energies touched him in ways he didn’t expect.

“I just went to where i thought the border was and set up my ‘Art Sho’.”

In about an hour or so along came a group of skinheads (young men with their heads shaved cleanly bald) in a dark-colored SUV. They stopped and asked ho, what he was doing and he told them.

“They seemed titillated when i told them, and while telling me that the border with the rez was ‘about a mile’ down, they proceeded–with more than one small, expensive-looking camera–to photograph and perhaps even video me and my little set-up. They didn’t get out of their car tho. And i said they ought to put their film on Youtube and they thought that was an excellent idea. I don’t know whether they did. Nor do i know for sure whether they were authoritarian skinheads (not all skinheads are); but it wouldn’t surprise me this being border country and all. If anyone has any links they could share for any related footage found on youtube, i’d like to know as I looked awhile and didn’t find any.”

Now, just before the skinheads had arrived, nature had moved mysteriously, tossing one art sign up into the sky and putting it somewhere, while kind of distracting him with wind energies in other places.

“I didn’t see it fly off, at all. I was busy trying to make sure everything else was secure. Because, suddenly, a surging wind came through, and began jostling a lot of my art. And I felt like it was some ghost spirits doing something, and one part of me thought i should just let them have their way with them, because that is okay by me. And the one they took (i thought i’d lost it to the ghosts who might want to share it with the wild folks in the woods, and i was okay with that), well, if the skinheads who would later showed up had been authoritarian-types, they might’ve gotten uppity; because it was art seeking to aide indigenous youth to see that the violent side of the gang mentality is likely largely a c.i.a.-style ‘divide and conquer’ game.”

(photo above should show art which you can hopefully read related to the c.i.a. tactic spoken of above)

Finds art
Anyway, our nutty visionary moved down aways, tho it turned out to be only about 1/4 of a mile, to where there was a sign welcoming folks to the border.

“And I found the missing art sign down that way, deposited on the OTHER side of the road, down about 80 or so yards, face up!”

And he re-set up his stuff, and watched and waited.

People who stopped
Most of the traffic just whooshed by our nutty visionary still. Then one car amongst two stopped, and he heard a female voice (who he thinks he saw the next morning)

“Most usually asked if I was okay. The skinheads had wondered that too. The next guy to stop was white, too. An older gentleman who actually got out of his car and took a look at my art, asking me first whether it was ‘worth it’. Maybe so many people are so used to bullshit shenanigans by business and religion, i don’t know why he asked that. He was really friendly, though, and I wished i had asked to stay in touch with him.”

Later he would see two cars stop a ways away and hear one female voice yell that he should “go home”, and then drive off.

“I wished I had a really good reply, but I didn’t. Like, the reality that I had no home at that time.”

In the morning, after the two lanky youths had stopped by and looked only a little bit at his art, another indigenous man with two young kids with him showed up in their vehicle.

“He stopped and we spoke awhile, and i shared with him what i was up to and how a kind of sign had shown up that morning, where a lone Loon had flown by, talking in its most lovely way. Well, he laughed at that, and we made a kind of bridge. And then, when he warned me about ruffians who might stop by, i said i looked forward to it and i shared that my art sho was especially intended to try to reach them! And then i GAVE him two originals and a bunch of copies of some art i’d done especially for possibly reaching youth being duped into violent mentalities.”

They were part of a cartoon he has self-published quite widely. Leave a message and we’ll send a link to that one.

(stop by for the full sharing, to be continued)


3 Responses to “Foolish intuitive still at it, despite fears planted Left and Right!”

  1. The photo of your foot really puts the comment about “taking off a shoe” in perspective. This art sho was the greatest idea — we might have a solidarity sho here in Ill.

  2. I’ve got some art out in the yard here (Champaign, IL). Some trash too, which I’ve used to blur the appropriate lines. You had an idea about how art looks better after wild nature has disturbed it. Well… it’s decaying. Is that what you had in mind?

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