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New art: anti-copyright if used with no editing (except rotating ’em!)

art inspired by Taiaiake Alfred's sharing

This art was inspired by Taiaiake Alfred speaking at http://www.taiaiake.com about utilizing one’s cultural creativity at the forefront of challenging colonialism. I’m not indigenous to this side of Mom earth but totally identify with this spirit as i have no confidence in any so-called “alternatives” to current polytricks, er, politics. Left, Right, anarchist, whatever, they all fall short of the kind of depth harmony that i see/feel as being truly liberating. On the other hand, Onkwehonwe-style ways of being and sharing and seeing make a LOT of sense to me.

Well, as i’m putting this up rather late at night, the art isn’t showing up in this post yet (only code). Figure it’s after hours at wordpress and they’ll allow it through during “regular bizness hours”, eh?

Oh, and sorry about the side-ways thing. The software i have access to right now truly sux. Way too basic. But, oh well, that’s life, eh?

Another side-ways piece….Do you see the other eye of the main person (closest and balding)? i did not draw it! It just somehow appeared or something. Maybe came through another sketch i was making, i dunno. But i decided to just leave it like that. A way of honoring a “mistake”.


3 Responses to “New art: anti-copyright if used with no editing (except rotating ’em!)”

  1. what a nice blog/art site chaz! very professional and fun! i enjoyed catching up on your work and life – love to ya

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