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art(e) and images from summer ‘cruciaL artz’ actions

a crucial artz actioneer's regali-uh

a crucial artz actioneer's regali-uh

The above image is one form in which the cruciaL artz’r “arted” himself this summer. While this example was used only on one day, some of the art(e) was carried across the midwest for at least 20 days of riding and sharing, beyond the “same old again” and “same old song” of so-called “normal” touring ways. Many didn’t know “what to think” (good!), and were surprised and sometimes elated. Others, especially the closeted creatives, may’ve been possibly inspired to deepen their own creative intelligence (beyond the corralls of art gallery-seeking and that usual mostly emptied spectacle).

insights from a Lakotah wisdom keeper, with arte

insights from a Lakotah wisdom keeper, with arte

This wisdom has come in handy for me, and so i wish to share it.

why i draw spiritz as i do (besides them coming thru me as a kind of channelling, i suppose)

why i draw spiritz as i do (besides them coming thru me as a kind of channelling, i suppose)

The above arte i thought i’d share. Whattya think?

a way i honor and celebrate the not-yet-fully assimilated/colonized; this is something i wear, seeking to share with those who care

a way i honor and celebrate the not-yet-fully assimilated/colonized; this is something i wear, seeking to share with those who care

If you could look at the images in this little thing i wear in many of my actions (complete with tobacco to share for those so oriented), you’d see that that first image is actually a picture of quite a few still-quite-wild youth standing on a large cliff, and psyching themselves up to jump from it; that is, either from its top, or from various other heights. i wear this to honor such autonomous and intuitive GREAT spiRit! Note that this place was/is fully autonomous from groanups and their chauvanism.

A tell-tale insight into the reality that many young people (“adolescents”)–these dudes mostly much younger than college age– readily seek to duck and otherwise avoid the imposed confines of their adults!

Underneath this picture, other pictures of great spirit’d connection with similar spirit’d dudes!

The other piece, the neon green, shows text i lean towards, and wish to share with many.

a ghosty spirit about to tickle the same old sad song of the dying

a ghosty spirit about to tickle the same old sad song of the dying

The above arte has been shared, in ongoing evolutions of design, with various folks. Most recently on several indymedia sites to help promote visionary4humanity.wordpress.com. (some of the arte shown small/tiny here, can be seen in larger format there.) There is a full color rendition as well, tho i haven’t yet scanned it. If you know of or would be interested in publishing this (and other pieces of mine), please contact me here in a comment. i am open to bartering as payment for publishing (i.e. food).

Note: i see that one piece, the ghosty spirit about to tickle same old sad again (bottom), is not being shown in its full size. Leave a comment/email address if you’d like to see the full version.


2 Responses to “art(e) and images from summer ‘cruciaL artz’ actions”

  1. This was a letter i got a few years ago in response to some of my actions:

    Responding to your wanting me to respond…as best I can tell, you come off no different than the Baptist preacher going in to a crowd with a message…going to the Jews the Moslems or for God sakes, again the Indians…in words direct and indirect you assume what people are thinking, what they need and then “art” them…I think your approach is self-serving and selfish….please note, through this response I will try to say that it is what you are saying and not who you are that I find so offensive….I believe in the power of the Oak Tree….soft, and still in its own way….in the power of the rose–the beauty that invites you into its space….if I were one of the people in the pow wows I would run you out on a limb!….find a space that suits you—even if it’s the raod and be STILL in the space and LEARN…LISTEN….just sitting still in quiet unassuming space can have a wonderful affect on you and those around you….your idea of “arting” or whatever that is, is just another way of going in to a space and saying, “I know who you are, what you believe in and I’m going to give you what you need”….my advice….STOP!!…please don’t write back in an attempt to engage me with words and philosophy….these are my words…just hear them or not….your choice….you have much insight….give people a chance to quietly come to you…………much peace to you as always……..

    • Points taken. And even if you don’t read this, okay. Perhaps this will be good for another.

      The difference between you and me is obviously large in terms of “bigger picture” seeing. Where for you i am being disrespectful, i see that i’m being “radical’s radically” respectful. Honesty is the name of this heart way, and my intuition leads me; putting my safety on the line. Not being “typical middle class” at all. So in that we part. I suspect many “radical” faeries would uncritically join in on labeling me politically incorrect in this way.

      As for the feeling about my being “like a baptist preacher”, well, to me that’s a reflection of where you’re at. You’re surrounded by such folks. The thing of it is, are we then supposed to go along with the mainline (colonial) program?? Or the so-called “alternative” (left-wing of colonization)?? So i’m thinking, Jerin, that you (and many others in the faerie milieu, aren’t seeing a wilder, wider picture. A picture where self-described champions can interact intuitively on questions that they feel are of crucial import.

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