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understand the followers, institutions, and solutions will follow

This is a quickly put-together sharing, with portions taken from a post I made in response to someone thinking that “our true enemy” is to be found in masses of people. A lot of our managers and claimed leaders would like us to confine ourselves to such lines, for sure, and this should be reason enough to look more carefully.

Because the reality of wars, whether at home or abroad, is that people very much like ourselves are hyped-up and mobilized against other people very much like them.

Lots of folks have been discussing this phenomenon for a long time. Here are a few thoughts I thought I’d add:

“When one takes a step back (and looks closely behind the given intensity), sometimes they can then see the back-room leaders hyping them up. It’s like the Wizard of Oz situation where Toto pulls back the curtain. So, the Given “leaders” that the “followers” uncritically trust and believe they HAVE TO subordinate to, carry out the “interests” of such persons (whose technique is usually hinged on hysteria) or risk losing what small meaning/community they’ve managed to finally experience in lives “running on emptiness”.

This is the usual tactic of *every* institution that, in “our” system (this Society) HAS TO carry out, in order to “survive” (i.e. in order to continue to get State funding, etc.).

In the context of a perennially jealous State–jealous of its “human resources”– where one entity (the “pragmatic”, learned shepherders of the flock) rigorously follows a belief about things HAVE TO be run, maintains restrictive protections and methods. First and foremost, besides defense strategies, are the tending of its herds, its “human resources”. This includes its systematic need to keep a stable of alleged “enemies” in order to keep the “human resources” properly distracted from true abuse, so that they do not rise up and try to change their hellish reality.

Many have said these truths so I’m merely bringing it in another light.

These are, then, the usual tactics of *every* institution, subordinated to “our” perpetual war society. If they go refrain “too long” in not doing some sort of cynical “service” to the State/Corporate nexus –that martial-stuck bastion of severe alienation (which most cannot [allow themselves to] imagine beyond), they will begin to experience reality. That is, their funding will dry up and the mouthpeices of the State will begin mobilizing the masses against them.

The true “enemy” is not people, but alienated method. This method is coercively handed-down, and its substance is the tactics/methods of thought control and the beliefs that such methods are “the only way” to proceed. The truly “biggest enemy” then, is how institutions in this reality *utilize masses of people to carry out* their perceived “interests” towards ends which perpetuate something that may have at one time been important, but have, in their systematic deployment, become more and more about heightening stupidity and deeper alienation than anything else.

Yet it is a seemingly out-of-control phenomenon that tramples critics who might make the mistake of challenging such from a mainline position (i.e. look up authors like John Stockwell, Norma Jean Almodovar, and Peter McWilliams).

I say “seemingly” because there is a way to reach the people behind and stuck in the machine.

And that way is first and foremost about understanding the institutions, and then radically empathizing with those caught up in them (while not cooperating with their would-be tramplings, etc).

An example:
Masses of people (Christians, here) who merely want some kind of meaning, some kind of community in the absence of being allowed something truly meaningful (i.e. informal villages of the pre-colonized days, or extended families) cannot help but to adhere themselves to these kinds of traps. When they find themselves already caught up in them.

They are like the hypocritical politician who gets caught.

Have you seen the film “Gattaca”? There is a lot of interesting subterfuge along these lines. Basically, any system of coercion is a breeding ground for hypocrisy. But those caught up in the trap see no other possible outlet!

A few, like John Stockwell (see him speaking on youtube about the c.i.a.) go public. But what are they doing now? Another example, Philip Agee, had to go through major shit after going public with his conscience (read _On The Run_ by Philip Agee).

And the alleged “alternatives”, i.e. the Left portions of the system apparently offer no respite. They have no place for whistleblowers and dissidents to sanctuary in! If a John Stockwell comes along, he may be granted a lecture circuit if he publishes a book, but meaningful community?? Maybe he got that. Covertly. But the average Jane and Joe?? Fat chance!

So the entire system appears to be set up in such a way to block serious evolution from happening. The Left/Right dichotomy perpetuates the Us versus Them mentality, never looking for our commonalities, never seeking to demystify WHY people act so alienatedly!

And so does the rest of the “political” and “social” community!

And we, the “stupid masses” as we’re labeled, get to be the continuous victims, almost doing a “service” to “our” country by being so sacrificed (whether directly or indirectly after all the psychological warfare of the contextless media examples have built up in our systems long enough…or, for many sensitives and teenagers, who choose suicide…).

All this boils down not to “evil” but to severe alienation. And that’s something, if we see clearly enough, we CAN actually do something about! Right now even!

Shall you continue to allow others to art you and your families and community, or shall you begin exploring ways to art yourself and aid others in such?!!!!


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