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what i’ve been feeling of late…

as i transcend from “…” to “….” and “…..”, i’ve been going through some pretty challenging stuff. And quite solopathic-ly; sure, alleged “spirits” send imagination into my consciousness….yet they are not human…enough….. Then i think of grandparents, and i’m lucky to have known them as closely as i did. And i thank feelings and memories towards them now.

the wind around here has been exceptional of late. The last week or so. Blew lots of trees down, especially in the local forests just outside of the city. i figured that’s what this society gets for thoughtlessly cutting down so much old growth. No bigger trees to protect the littler ones, more and more. And then all of the run-off from the city streets; that doesn’t help the situation any.

Of course, many don’t let such enter into their already pressed lives. And then they don’t imagine things like i’ve been letting myself imagine. Things like the idea i expressed elsewhere more: A place for our elders to at least visit, while also helping to protect the young trees from the heavy winds.

Maybe the forests don’t really need such things, but i thought, hmm, what if stone buildings (?) could be fashioned which not only protect Old Growth-less forests, but also give places for our hippie elders to visit, as they get up in their years? What if?

Wanna flow with me further on this?

So, anyways, we’re here at this time. And we have to go through things, you know. And i’m not waiting for it from a hiding position; i’m going out into these unknowns, experiencing them, and seeing what comes to me and my heart and my heavenish inclinations. i’m finding ways to jiu-jitsu
(or, is it akido?). And not merely accept these things in a bowed sort of way, you knowwhatimean?

And, only beyond the rigid “safety” of a roof and a lockable door have i found myself truly enjoying again. Do any of you have connections at all like this, too?



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