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join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)

our evolution is when we want to see our radical commonalities!

Okay, how to start? (here’s to hoping i can articulate myself well enough in the relatively short time i have)

People need visionary insight and critique. Here’s my four cents:

Um…how about this:
In division we are kept atomized; trick is to see behind how the perpetual war (in the macro/big picture sense) structure itself works, and how it tools, and even “arts” us. And how we can begin to seriously “art” ourselves.

I should touch on propaganda (aka thought management) techniques. If you’ve read Noam Chomsky closely you know what I’m talking about. His exposing of media control in the U.S. and the ideologically-challenged beliefs of those called elites. That’s a glimpse. I’ve exchanged dialogue with Chomsky and he doesn’t seem to think his institutional analysis (not “conspiracy theory”) works to discover the *broad way* in which our thought is managed, but if you read *any* serious analysis on any other topic, I think you will start to see similarities.

No matter the approach to critical thought, whether it’s Left, Right, “moderate”, “fringe”, “anti-political”, or decolonizing angles of approach, if you know how to “read between the lines” of information (mainline or “alternative”) you can often glean patterns which can patch together a picture which begins to show the larger truth of our commonalities!

Take a step back from your knee-jerk reaction for awhile. Realize the value.

Myself, i’ve compared, for instance, the experience, analysis, and insights of Grace Llewellyn, John Stockwell, Thomas Szasz, John Trudell, Jason McQuinn, Louise Armstrong, Osho, John Taylor Gatto.

Okay, maybe that didn’t do it for you. Uh-huh..

Okay, how about soldiers, er, cops. I’m afraid of their tyranny like most of you, and yet I refuse to fall into the trap of making their collectivity my scapegoat. Yes, they trample us with seemingly impunity. Yet again, another reason to step back from our emotions and look hard at things and think things through.

Where I’m going with this is to shed light on ways in which we are manipulated to give our powers away. If we are kept in fear and hatred, we can continue to be easily atomized and feel powerless (and more keen to fall back on what has been systematically planted into us all our lives: the beliefs and techniques of maiming and killing each other).

Cops and other agents of the “State”, WTO, World Bank, IMF, and so on (?) have their mind-sets planted in ways similar to the rest of us. They believe in the system as it is presented to them. They, like so many others throughout ‘society’ want to help, but they don’t see the bigger picture. The fact alone that they are often times “mere high school graduates” sheds light there (not that a “higher” institutional education–as Chomsky and many others expose–is much better; there’s another brand of management for the middle management, say the cops’ immediate “superiors”). Tooled. Arted.

When we start thinking through these things we can start to realize the value of seeing our radical commonalities.

Seeing this alone can add to a kind of competency I saw on Youtube not long ago in a member of Copwatch, as he spoke to a hyped-up officer in an even way. That’s an example of utilizing one’s intelligence. It’s only a tiny angle. If you’re so inclined, or find yourself in such a position, what can you come up with that isn’t completely blocked by the way the over-arching structure is set up? Perhaps reading the book _Cop To Call Girl_ by Norma Jean Almodovar would be an in-road (she was an lapd traffic cop who spoke against sexism at her job, got dragged through the hot coals of lapd politics, and lived to tell about it, to say it succinctly)

Obviously, much more dialogue on this topic would come in handy. Perhaps wordpress.com (where this will also hopefully be posted; see accompanying link) will allow for such?

“struggling” musicians
Take any value system you are now struggling for. Let’s say you’re a “struggling” musician. You’re struggling for what? To basically “get a leg into” and aid the perpetual war system; you’ll get “well paid” if you can enter that, but only a tiny number are actually allowed.

So you “fight” to get “successful” so that you can “play” to enable the constant war not only at home in all forms, but also systematic war in all forms abroad. That’s interesting.

You protest and you say you aren’t directly enabling that system; well, you’re indirectly enabling that system. “Business as usual.” Do you think they spend all that money for no reason than to fill their wallets and luxury homes?

ALL values we take for granted (i.e. those not “normally” seen as “political”) may well be planted in us for important strategic reasons. And keeping us distracted from the bigger picture and our powers, while seemingly “filling in” the emptiness we all so often live in in our “social norms” and “responsibilities” with “emperor’s new clothes”-style filler.

Too “far out”? How about the reality of affection in Western democracies (and fast becoming in many non-Western nations as well, except that they’re more “under the gun” directly, than we).

Perhaps outside of the “liberal” centers, men “incapable”, socially, of showing meaningful affection. And women stuck in trying to singularly respond. And no meaningful organization is really allowed to truly aid even these relationships. You can argue the fine-points, but don’t you see this generally true?

These are one of the consequences of how war values have been internalized. We don’t even see this, since “politics” doesn’t hardly touch on it. The feminists have been trying, yet they got tooled, largely, as well, I think. Again, good for further dialogue. With whomever you like. At least it’s not *politically correct* hierarchy being shoved into us anymore, so much, so maybe we can have such!

We’re all turned into various kinds of platoons to be mobilized. Our diverse individuality is supposedly “not important”. Why? Because those whom’ve organized us (whether in the mainline or “alternative”, and even those trying from the “fringe”) believe that to respond to martial mind-sets, one MUST KEEP martial structures.

Now, if we can all become “generals” of ourselves (a classic anarchist method), and activate our creative intelligence in ways far outside the expectations of the martial (perhaps something along the lines that Saul Alinsky tried), i think we can speed up the evolution.

The evolution from this perpetual martial war dark-ages-stuck society, towards something that could “blow away” the current “realistic” generation.

Anyone care to join this semi-seasoned *crucial artz* challenger towards interactions of such magnitude? “Outside the experience” of continually deadened society, yet beyond spectacle, beyond the known, even. Beyond carnivals, beyond “the clown block”, beyond the ghettos of “normalized” places of Given interaction (i.e. beyond the liberal city centers), putting into gear our desires like this martial age has never seen.

Share your ideahhhz, anytime. And sustain such. That is key. And it’s not a “youth only” thing either, as the Raging Grannies well know (except that they are merely one, when there could be oodles!)


who uses his art and feelings


“…We must not become confused and deceived by their illusions. There is no such thing as military power; there is only military terrorism…That is all that it is. They try to program our minds and fool us with these illusions so that we will believe that they hold the power in their hands…All they know how to do is act in a repressive, brutal way…They want us to believe in them and depend on them, and we have to assume these consumer identities, and these political identities, these religious identities and these racial identities [not to mention sexual ones]. They want to separate us from our Power…from who we are…

“…We must consider the Spiritual genocide that they commit against us. The spiritual genocide that the white people have been victimized by for thousands of years…

“We must move to the time when we truly understand our connection to real power because these people who deal with illusions and imitations…they want to keep us confused with [the self-limiting concepts of?] sexism and ageism, racism, class. They want to keep us in a confusion so that [we] will continue to believe in one lie after another as they programmed them into our minds and into our society…The ruling class…are going to lie to us and they are going to create the illusions of change…”–a Lakota wisdom keeper


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