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Blogspot Censors “the Visionary Report”!??!?

After more than half a year now of blogging on blogspot.com I tried to sign in recently only to find that, apparently, I’ve been blocked/censored from further posting! Perhaps it’s a mistake, or perhaps this is telltale sign of things to come (Big Brother anyone?). So, experiencing this, I thought I’d try my hand at wordpress again. (Yes, again; the first time around I couldn’t for the life of my lack of internet saavy, figure out HOW to use WordPress! Duh! And blogspot was sooo much easier, ‘cuz all ya had to do was fill in stuff, yadda yadda yadda..).

Could it have been that when I posted something only SLIGHTLY illegal on blogspot (that is, owning up to the fact that I WALKED IN THE STREET during a spontaneous solo “march” immediately after Obama’s win for the Presidency distraction) that the blog then got flagged and blocked/censored??? Maybe so…

Anyway, from now on, my posts on Indymedia will link to this page. But you can see the old posts, still (?) at: visionaryhumanity.blogspot.com . (NOTE: Since I can’t log in to blogspot, I’m going to have to manually transfer the links and art and etcetera…so it may take awhile…).

Umm…does the .png file show up more than as a black square???…

The bigger the lie, the more people will be duped....

The bigger the lie, the more people will be duped....


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