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one scenario of crucial nonviolence

Pacifism alone appears obsolete in the face of tyranny. Yet what if pacifism is but only one form of nonviolence in a spectrum limited only by our imagination? The author looks at one scenario sure to rock your world!

(inspired in part by the art of Eric Drooker; his art of the many horns!)

While the industrially-stuck imaginations of seemingly most “demonstrators” and others seeking to ‘speak truth to terrorism called “power” are off doing the same old thing, let’s say we care enough to be waiting nearby, ready to spring into our radicalized desires at a most crucial time.

Let’s say that the soldiers called police are on the brink of their usual orders–to smash heads and spray their peppers, WHEN SUDDENLY a terrific NOISE turns all attentions in various directions (NOISE bouncing off buildings or whathaveyou).

The NOISE is pure, deafening NOISE reflecting our intensities too long held secret. The NOISE has no notes, no “rhythm”, just pure, unadulterated NOISE. Rough, tumbling, coming from many directions when noisemakers so desire.

Then becoming alternately more articulated, perhaps. Suggestion: Michael Jackson as a kid singing “A,B,C, 1,2,3,” UNTIL musicians feel like throwing in their own input (as in jazz); then perhaps a string of Highland Pipers belts out their pipes and wend into the center, flanked by a line, on each side, of HEAVY METAL (or Blues) guitarists crouching, ready to reflect the soul of batons that may be raised, and go into *it* from there.

Authority attempts to move its soldiers called cops in response formations and as they do, in a chaos of various places (remote and not-so-remote), NOISEs cacaphony (especially near places where renewed war tension threatens).

Here comedians interspersed with ___(you name it!)___ initiate some form of ecstatic mobile ceremonial celebrating for the human beings everywhere caught up in and feeling trapped in a plethora of respective reductions of ourselves. Object: a spanarchy of becoming radically beautiful RIGHT NOW towards evolution of shared mind-set.

Even in the cacaphony of NOISE, song, and jokes, such quickly wouldn’t be enough (since surveillers study even this writing right now, passing it onto their “superiors”), so this scenario invites (and would invite) all’s radically creative input. All, returning to the scene (or creating others everywhere?) arting themselves as they see fit!

Imagine Christian fundies and other religionists tryin to inspire more followers with their best, joined in the chaos by the refrigerator bloc, the doughnut bloc, the abstract painting bloc. People dressed as paintings (famous and unknown) and mobile bushes being picked up (and “deployed”) by giant hot-air balloon trees (the helicopter pilots would’ve reported seeing a large floating forest descending upon the scene).

You get the ideah. Utter chaos with intention. All invited , if ya dare !

Spectacular confusion in face of threat of force and other coercion

And when/if obedient soldiers smash anyway?

Send to the ‘front’ the doughnut bloc! Persons dressed in real tossed-out doughnuts piled high. And let the batons smash through the cops’ known frustrations in their lives (all the while perhaps audibly narrating about how cops just gotta clobber their doughnut habits!); oh, the refrigerator bloc could come in too if it liked, old and new food spilling everywhere as batons and fire hoses crush back the naughty ‘citizen’ peasants and their *who do they think they are*. If a lull, perhaps the granny bloc joined with the be-suited businessman bloc could try to talk some sense into the human beings reduced to mere government machines.

And how about containments and chases? Running into buildings radically changed within–hall of mirrors anyone? Or in containment measure, giant black parachute raised and ad-hoc location transformed into something completely unexpected. All the while avoiding the stupidity and same old perpetuation of alienation!

Not all of us, of course, *want* to sacrifice ourselves to the gods of soldierdumb; so take this methodology and imagine where you might play!


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