da Visionary Report
join us for evolutions of radical’s radical sanity in process!

images to share

An angle of approach to inspiring creative folks’ imaginations:

A possible cover for one of my visionary angles of approach:

This early 20th Century (?) picture below show how big Old Growth trees can get. I include them here for those possibly interested in designing a hot air balloon that looks “just like” an Old Growth tree. {imagine: a forest of Old Growth hotair balloons crossing the plains and all places which have long forgotten just how big Old Growth trees can be.}

A fellow visionary allowing himself to exotically art “normalized” ways of interacting. {i took his text and molded it into the kind of regalia i thought he might wear when engaging in da Crucial Artz way}:

Anti-authoritarians created this basic outreach text and drawing. i added the bit of collage later:


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