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Three Visionary Challenges to Challengers

The following all posted recently on these various indymedia sites.

re: Seattle indy media poster, angry rant/spell/letter to prison guards:

Be angry, yet exercise [and practice] with your intelligence towards the ends you truly want to have in this world. It is easy to be tooled by always-war-mentality.

The prison guards, like all others who buttress “the Wizards of Oz”, know only truth from the narrative that has dominated them from childhood. They do not even know of the idea of solidarity with informal humanity. Their lives have been reduced to become so shallow in consciousness.

Remember the Milgram experiments; they do as they’ve been programmed, and know no better.

You may reach a few with your anger, yet how many might you/we reach by activating our most inspiring humanity?

Do as Chomsky has suggested for reporters in the documentary “Manufacturing Consent”. Get to know the system more and learn its openings. How best to reach fellow human beings –who may *want* to help somehow, yet feel absolutely powerless?

(Like the proverbial hostage, adapting since childhood’s compulsory norms, while knowing no better alternative, and begining to identify with the oppressive, severely alienated mindset–i.e. scientific models of prison “management”)

We have the intelligence to reach our fellow human beings. The question is, do we learn how and when we can touch each other meaningfully enough?

re: “Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada: Sheriff Van and Police Cruise”

I agree that meaningful dialogue is needed, but I still see crucial truth in seeking to reach the human beings caught within the internalized values systems rather than merely attack them in these dark age “revenges”.

Surely, once we get more used to thinking independently, we can activate our intelligence much more meaningfully than how alienation war has taught us so far.

For instance, take a look at the article “Good Peasant, Bad Peasant”. See if you can find it. It was posted in an anarchist dialogue forum. It’s a good starting off place for the uninitiated (to that form of confrontation).

Those who still choose the combative methods, I say most of you are choosing a way of so much hellish that I think you will regret such later. But we all do not have “all” the truth, so perhaps property damage ways are one way…to at least “gain” the attention (but whose will you get? It is better than nothing, you may say…) But if only many could depth together, instead of these seemingly isolated, last-ditch ways…

Felt like I had to comment.

“Cannon fodder for the market”

Good article, and great to see such depth!

Only, I don’t see eye-to-eye with you about this idea you think the u.s. leaders/policy-makers have about *hating* those they move against in their routine diplomatic ways.

If there’s any hatred, it’s in the lower portions of the hierarchy, methinks. Those more deeply tooled, seeing their friends smashed in information without contexts.

As for those carrying out policy, closer to the top of the hierarchy, they’re merely carrying out their methodology of statecraft. “Nothing personal…” as some have said from time to time. In my view such a methodology has been coercively passed “down” to them since they were in their youths, and has now solidified, as in every generation “up in age”.

My inclination, in seeing that, is to somehow inspire a plethora of responses with our most creative and inspiring creativity. Along lines such as documented in the film “The Singing Revolution” I suppose, and beyond control by formal politics.


psst, pass it on.


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