da Visionary Report
join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)


Welcome to a space where “radical’s radical” visionary seeing is finally possible!

This blog’s intention is to include possibly many visionaries’ seeing and sharing.

a little background to the title
What i mean by “radical’s radical”? Well, the ideah iz beyond the same old again of colonization as usual. That means seeing (*and remembering*) beyond the confines of “normal” corrals where creatives are kept (usually unbeknownst to them); kept so that their visions remain contained in order to serve the interests of those whom colonize.

We are all colonized. That means we have been programmed/trained/organized –socially, politically, etcetera, in such a way as to be “of use” to an abstract called “society” –and its values of getting creative people to help implement the policies of the state/corporate nexus.

Of course, we are *taught* that “society” is all of us; yet increasingly, more and more groups of (and individual) folks (not only the usually marginalized and demonized) are getting their toes stepped on and even their feet stomped –via various forms of what is called “authority”. More and more folks, then, are getting slapped with reality; the same reality which many other groups have been experiencing for a very long time.

For example:
(this is a short video documenting state-fomented terrorism used quite recently against indigenous canadians)

Need i say more?

Educate yourself to such realities more:


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